Golf Slang

(Please don't take offence ... if you have any new ones, please post a comment)

Sally Gunnell:         Ugly but a good runner
Dennis Wise:          Nasty little five-footer
Rock Hudson:         Looked straight, but was bent
Adolf Hitler:            Two shots in the bunker
Douglas Bader:       Looked good in the air, but had no legs
Saddam Hussein:    From one bunker into another
Princess Grace:       Should have used a driver
Princess Diana:       Definitely should NOT have taken a driver
Yasser Arafat:         Ugly and in the sand
Rodney King:          Over-clubbed
Stephen Fry:           A big bender
Oscar Pistorius:       Got away with one
Sister-in-law:          You’re up there, but you know you shouldn’t be
Brazilian:                Shaved the hole
Paris Hilton:            A very expensive hole
Fidel Castro:           Needed one more revolution
Anna Kournikova:    Looked great, but no result
Russell Grant:         A fat iron
Elephant's arse:      High and pretty shitty
Salman Rushdie:     A difficult read
Kate Winslett:         A bit fat, but almost perfect
Diego Maradona:     Fat, but handy